23 Must-Have Work Tips from a Working from Home Veteran

You’re Talking to a Professional Introvert, WFH Guru Here

Remote Work is not “Working from Home”

Don’t Expect to be Productive Right out of the Gate

Don’t Try to Replicate the Office Experience

Ditch Unnecessary Meetings

Learn to Work Asynchronously

Remove All Reasons to Combine Work Mode and Home Mode

Create a Physical Office Space

Build an Office Canteen

Buy a Comfortable Chair

Keep a Work Routine

Wear..you know…clothes!

Stay Productive

Time Blocking

  • Do you have a bunch of email to catch up on? Batch it.
  • How about issues to bring up with a coworker? Batch it.
  • Maybe you have some phone calls to make. Batch it.

Quick Capture

Better Scheduling

Manage Distractions

Invest in Noise-Canceling Headphones

Set Housemate Expectations

Stay Connected with Your Team

Stay Connected with Your Systems

Communicate with Third Parties and Mute Yourself!

Keep Healthy

Get a Standing Desk

Get Out a Little




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Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram

A 20-year veteran of IT, crypto geek, content creator, consultant and overall problem solver.