I Don’t Have Time to Learn Powershell

Adam Bertram
2 min readJul 1, 2019

We’re all busy. I get that. IT professionals wear many hats. We’re always going around putting out fires in between the projects we’re trying to work on. I understand you’re busy; I really do! However, are you too busy to work on furthering your career and developing more advanced skills?

That may sound too pie in the sky for you but it’s true. You’re busy in the now but if you’re like many of us you’re not busy in the 5 years from now and don’t realize that until 5 years IS now. By that time, it’s too late. Look at this Google trend and tell me how successful you’d be with Powershell 5 years ago.

Us humans are hard-wired for an action/reward system. We all don’t like doing something that we can’t see an immediate reward from. Sticking to the theme of this blog, Powershell, some of us don’t take the time to learn PowerShell because we can’t see that instant reward for our hard work. We want a reward NOW. It’s not like having that little squirt of dopamine after we get the satisfaction of closing a help desk ticket or finishing off a project that has a defined outcome.

“Learn Powershell” is pretty ambiguous. Powershell is HUGE and “learning” Powershell can mean many things to different people. There’s no clear marker at the end of “learning Powershell” called done.

The key is to quit kidding yourself and take just a little time now so that when you’re in the now in 5 years you’re happy you did.

You don’t have to know everything about Powershell. Just generate some willpower, get a learning resource and start at the beginning. Once you do that, the last page of the book or the last module in the course can be your “done”.

Adam Bertram

A 20-year veteran of IT, crypto geek, content creator, consultant and overall problem solver.