It’s All in Your Head; Noticing and Managing a Panic Attack



Unfamiliar surroundings

No control

Confined spaces

Previous panic attacks

  1. Xanax. I know. It’s a pill and there are ways to manage panic attacks without pills but Xanax is by far and away from the best method for managing a panic attack. They help so much.
  2. Having a Xanax available. It sounds stupid but just the mere thought of knowing that Xanax will get rid of a panic attack and that I have one available greatly prevents them.
  3. Deep breaths; breathe through your diaphragm, completely fill up your lungs, hesitate for a few seconds when your lungs are full then slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat.
  4. Go to your happy place. It may sound cheesy but I try to experience myself in a comfortable situation. It helps if I can focus on that thought.
  5. Attempt to distract your brain. Sometimes I try to have conversations with people that take my mind off of it, for example. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I also physically hurt myself through pinching my arm or leg to make the physical pain override the mental pain I’m in. Physical pain is better than any day!
  6. Get mad. A panic attack is all about losing control. Your mind is taking over making up situations that are not dangerous but aren’t. It’s ridiculous. Notice that ludicrous nature of what you’re going through and get pissed. Get mad at yourself for going through this. This doesn’t help your social standing to those around you but it really does help me get through it.



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Adam Bertram

Adam Bertram

A 20-year veteran of IT, crypto geek, content creator, consultant and overall problem solver.