I would like to talk about the dangers of “fitting in” or going with the status quo, just trying to fit the mold of something that society thinks you should be. So, what do I mean by that?

I mean in a career or work environment, for example, a lot of people that I grew up with, and I am sure a lot of people that you grew up with, tended to expect you to go to college after high school and get a job. After you got that job, maybe they expected you to stay at that same job, or hop around jobs just a little bit, but always expect you to have a job. In other words, work your nine-to-five, go to work at eight or nine, come home at five spend time with the family, eat dinner, and watch some TV.

On the weekends, just kind of mill around maybe even work on some home projects on the house and do things like that.

Let me state before I get started this is no offense to anyone that actually does that, that is completely fine, but it is just not me and I think that kind of attitude is almost detrimental to your career.

I think that if you truly want to have success in your career and have success at work and to truly make the world a better place you need to be able to put in more hours than the standard 30 or 40 hours, at least at first.

There comes a point where you have to say I want to be truly successful in what I do. I want to start a business or even I want to get this great job, in order to do that you need to get past and differentiate yourself from other people in the industry, which requires a lot of hard work, which requires doing things that go above and beyond what you normally do. It requires you to not just do your own thing such as being a star employee getting your gold star in your current job and doing your 40 hours a week and being done, this requires much more going above and beyond than what you are typically used to do.

This is why I am constantly preaching about a side hustle, whether you want a side hustle as your goal to be I want to eventually work for myself, or your goal is to be I just eventually want to get a great job doing this other thing working for another company, that side hustle all kind of ties back to that.

The status quo at least where I am from, what I know a lot of people are like this as well that you have friends and family and everybody they think well you don’t have a job, what do you do, do you just sit around all day and that sort of thing. But, that’s not the case at all, what I have done are kind of taken that side hustle thing and the dedication that I have to my craft and my career, I have taken that just about as far as it can go by just completely quitting a job and doing everything on my own.

You do not necessarily have to do that by any means but what I’ve done is I have kind of differentiated myself by putting in that extra effort, putting in that little extra effort every day finding the time to write, or to do videos, to share my knowledge.

Get yourself out in front of people, when somebody Google’s something in PowerShell I have heard many times that my article always comes up, that is kind of by design. I have done so much that you tend to kind of become a guru, even though there is probably a lot of people out there that are smarter than me in PowerShell they think that since Adam Hall has all this information online he must obviously know what he is talking about.

That is kind of the thing; you have to figure out the dedication to what you do, to put in the extra hours to take the extra effort to spend that extra energy. Maybe you are tired at night and you don’t want to do it, but you have to get into some kind of habit, some kind of routine of continually incrementally giving just a little bit more.

Finding slivers of time in your day to just give a little bit extra effort, you only really get better, or truly reach your goals your career goals is you have to just incrementally get better every time. The status quo, I hate the status quo I hate it with every inch of my being, because the status quo expects you to conform to what everybody else is doing, and that is completely not the thing to do.

Like my mom always said will if everybody is going to jump off a bridge are you going to jump too?

Just like if everybody is going to think you should have a job and work your nine to five, come home and do your whatever around the house and spend time with family and things and have that typical same old same old mundane sort of lifestyle. I am not going to do that at all, I am going to think for myself I am going to think independently, and I really think a lot of people should do that as well because it sets you apart. It differentiates you from everything else.

I saw a picture of a little girl, it was a school picture and all of the kids were dressed up in costumes and there were probably ten different princesses and I think there was one dinosaur or something the girl wanted to be a dinosaur, the picture was be a dinosaur in a sea of princesses. It is kind of the same thing, being unique and not conforming to what society thinks you should do and thinking for yourself will just differentiate you completely from so many different people.

That may be a bad thing sometimes you probably will get some comments such as “oh you don’t have a job,” or “oh but what are you” and at first you may be making less money. When I quit my full-time job I threw away six figures and I have not made up for that yet, but it is all about having that patience to eventually get there. I know I have confidence in myself that I know I am going to get there. I know that I am going to get much, much more than that in the long run, but you have to take that risk.

I took such a risk because I didn’t conform to what society or even frankly what my wife told me to do. Which was you have a secure stable job and you should just keep doing that and it took me a long time because it was a big step and I thought “you know I am just honestly not happy,” I am going to do what I love to do regardless of whatever anybody else tells me to do and I am going to first make sure you have your financial buffer and it makes complete sense with my family. Once I get to that point I am just going to do it.” Life is too short honestly to just go with the flow do what you want to differentiate yourself, forget the status quo. Just like that Apple commercial be one of the crazy ones the crazy ones are the ones that actually do change the world, instead of just talking about it.

So, screw the status quo, don’t just do something just because it is expected, have some thought for yourself, be an independent thinker and differentiate yourself from other people you will stand out in the crowd. When you stand out in the crowd then you will be picked for bigger things.

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